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Large modern complex of the Cima Hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Want to remove all fat from your abdomen, waist and back?  Then, 360 degree liposuction is the perfect procedure for you.  And, the closest country to the U.S. with exceptional medical facilities and the lowest prices, is Costa Rica.  Here are the best doctors, hospitals and lowest prices for Costa Rica 360 liposuction.

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In general, liposuction or liposculpture, also known as lipoplasty or suction-assisted lipectomy, is a cosmetic surgery to remove unwanted fat deposits from under the skin. The surgeon sculpts and recontours a person’s body by removing excess fat deposits that have been resistant to reduction by diet or exercise. The fat is permanently removed from under the skin by using a suction device.

Areas of Liposuction

Areas of Liposuction

Liposuction is known by many different names, including Liposculpture, Lipectomy, Liposuction, Pubic Liposuction, Smart Lipo, Submental Liposuction, Ultrasonic Liposuction, Tumescent Liposuction, Vaser Liposuction, Vibro Liposuction and more.  Costa Rica liposuction is well-known to give the very best results.

Happy 360 degree lipo patient in Costa Rica

Liposuction procedures in Costa Rica.

The standard method of liposuction (tumescent liposuction) is a suction-assisted liposuction and gives the best predictable results.  All Costa Rica plastic surgeons use this approach.

In this procedure a small cannula (like a straw) is inserted through a small incision into the fat layer.  It is attached to a vacuum device.  The surgeon then manipulates the cannula in a forward and backward motion, carefully breaking up the fat cells and drawing them out of the body by suction.  Once removed, the fat will never return.

Illustration of Tumescent liposuction

Illustration of Tumescent liposuction

Costa Rica doctors are world-class and use new state-of-the-art innovations in liposuction that include very small incisions, about a quarter to a third of an inch, which are easily sutured.  The result is that the areas liposuctioned are thinner and flatter, and the body appears more youthful and attractive.

Trim body after liposuction

Liposuction prices in Costa Rica

So, what is 360 Lipo?

Lipo 360 (also known as 360 lipo, 360 degree lipo, 360 liposuction, or 360 degree liposuction) refers to the midsection body areas where liposuction is performed – three hundred and sixty degrees, or all the way around the midsection.  It includes liposuction of the upper and lower abdomen and waist, love handles, hips, bra line, lower back, and around to the spine.

Picture of an Amazing 360 degree liposuction procedure in beautiful Costa Rica

Amazing 360 degree liposuction procedure in beautiful Costa Rica.  Prices.

This procedure is a God-send for women.  It is precise liposuction of the abdomen, waist, love handles, hips, bra line and lower back areas in order to “sculpt” the contour of your body into the desired shape. 360 liposuction will have a significant effect on your profile and by removing fat, the body will appear slimmer and more natural.

Here are the areas that will be liposuctioned with 360 Lipo.

Liposuction of the abdomen, waist, love handles, and hips.

The abdomen, waist, love handles, and hips areas tend to accumulate fat due to childbirth, age or insulin resistance.  No matter how much you exercise or change your diet, the fat remains.

Fortunately, in just 2 hours in Costa Rica, the fat is removed through 360 liposuction and it will never return.  You can expect a trimmer, more proportional body immediately after the treatment.  In about 6 months, the body has settled down, the skin has gotten tighter, and the underlying fascia has strengthened.  The result is an amazing, fabulous body.

Illustration of 360 degree liposuction

360 degree liposuction with liposuction of the abdomen, waist, love handles, hips, bra line and lower back

Liposuction of the hips

The hips area tends to expand over time and excess fat can affect your profile and the clothes you wear.  The 360 lipo procedure addresses the hips and contours the area perfectly to give you the right shape and appearance.  By removing fat, the hips will be restored to the natural eye-appealing curves that you once had.

Areas of 360 Liposuction in Costa Rica

Areas of 360 Liposuction in Costa Rica

Liposuction of the lower back and bra line.

The lower back is troublesome for many reasons, and the added weight increases the waist size and makes you appear heavy no matter what type of clothes you wear.

The 360 liposuction procedure will permanently remove excess fat in the lower back and bra line, and give you the perfect shape you desire.  Fat will not return to the lower back and bra line once it is liposuctioned, so you will enjoy your new look for a lifetime.

Picture of a beautiful woman on a Costa Rica beach, happy with her 360 liposuction procedure

A beautiful woman on a Costa Rica beach, happy with her 360 liposuction procedure.  Prices in Costa Rica.

Here are some additional areas of the body where liposuction is typically performed:

– Inner thighs

– Outer thighs (saddlebags).

– Upper Back.

– Bra line and under armpits.

– Inner knees.

– Calves.

– Upper arms.

– Neck (chin), (jowls).

Beautiful woman on the beach sitting on a hammock

Enjoying the beaches of Costa Rica – Where to Stay!

A 360 liposuction procedure can take two to three hours depending on your physical characteristics. There can be a small degree of discomfort following surgery, but fortunately very little pain.

Some swelling can occur but usually begins to subside by the third or fourth day. A degree of swelling may continue for longer periods but eventually diminishes.  Very small tiny drains will be in place for 4 to 5 days following liposuction to help with draining the excess fluid.

Costa Rica is an especially good choice for liposuction because of the exceptional skill of the surgeons who perform 360 liposuction, and because their prices are up to 75% less than the U.S.

Body after liposuction

Information about plastic surgery in Costa Rica

Your visit to Costa Rica will be 4 days, and either before or after your surgery you may enjoy some of the best tours and sightseeing in the world.

For an idea of tours with videos, go to the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn website.

Beautiful Jr. Suite at the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn, San José, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Medical Center Inn, San José, Costa Rica – Rates

Costa Rica is a fantastic country with lots to see and do.  And, their plastic surgeons are second to none.

For really low prices in Costa Rica and more information on liposuction, get prices from the top medical group, the Medical Group of Costa Rica.

Large modern complex of the Cima Hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Cima Hospital – San José, Costa Rica

For Medical Tourism, Cima Hospital in San José, Costa Rica offers the very best in medical services.  It is a JCI-accredited hospital with complete facilities for plastic surgery and other surgeries.

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