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Large modern complex of the Cima Hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica.
A hospital in Cancun,, Mexico

A major hospital in Cancun, Mexico

Want to tighten up the loose skin hanging from your arms?  If so, an arm lift will be perfect for you.  Cancun, Mexico is a great destination for exceptional arm lifts.

Map of Mexico featuring Cancun, Mexico

Map of Mexico featuring Cancun, Mexico

Cancun has excellent hospitals and doctors, and the prices are very low for arm lifts as well as all types of body, breast and face procedures.  It’s a perfect place for a 7-day medical vacation while having plastic surgery.

So, why are the arms such a problem?   Well, drooping of the skin is caused by stretching of the anchoring system of the arm and loss of supporting fat.  The arm tissues can loosen over time because of gravity, weight loss, or age.  So, at some point we can become unhappy with this “loose hammock” look.

The goal of an arm lift surgery (also known as Brachioplasty) is to remove excess tissue and to reduce the circumference of the upper arm.  There are several types of arm lifts.  The type of surgical correction depends on the amount of extra skin and how loose the supporting tissues have become.

Woman showing her arm lift in Cancun, Mexico

A perfect arm lift procedure.  Prices in Cancun, Mexico

During the surgery, extra skin is removed from along the inner arm through an incision that is made in the least conspicuous area where tissues can best be tightened and well hidden.

The goal is to completely remove excess skin and fat, and reshape the arms with a result that will give the arms a tighter and more proportionate appearance.  Liposuction is often used as the finishing touch to slim down the arms, and once the fat is removed, it will never return.

The result of the surgery is truly amazing.  The feeling of self-confidence and happiness that an arm lift provides cannot be overstated.

Arm lift in Cancun, Mexico

Enjoy a Medical Vacation in Cancun – Medical Vacation in Cancun

Cancun is a really good choice for arm lifts because of the vacation “get-away” aspect, and because the surgery can be done at the same time while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere.  Prices are very low, up to 50% less than the U.S.

Picture of a Cancun hotel and beach.

Enjoying the beaches of Cancun – Information

An arm lift is done while completely sedated.  Typically, incisions extend from the underarm to just above the elbow, depending on your goals and the surgeon’s advice regarding the best surgical approach for you.

All stitches are below the skin for best healing and appearance.  You will probably want liposuction to accompany the surgery to smooth the skin and give the arm the slimmer appearance you wish to have.

Patient consulting with her doctor

Amazing arm lifts in Cancun – Prices

The average surgery time for an arm lift surgery is about 2.5 hours.

Your Cancun visit will be 6 days and you may depart for home on the 6th day looking and feeling terrific.

The price of an arm lift in Cancun always includes the doctors’ fees, anesthesiologist fees, normal hospital fees and medical supplies needed for surgery.

Arm lift in Cancun, Mexico

The #1 destination for plastic surgery is Cancun – About the Medical Group of Cancun

Many of the country’s top Board-Certified plastic surgeons are found in Cancun.  It is a top destination for terrific makeovers.  Plastic surgery procedures are performed in Cancun’s best hospitals.

Discounts are available for the full range of face, breast and body plastic surgery procedures.  The best prices are with Cancun MEDVentures and the Medical Group of Cancun.  When going to these web pages, be sure to click on the discount links to get their current discounted prices.

Picture of a doctor group representing doctors in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun has some of the very best board certified doctors

After arriving in Cancun, you will relax and enjoy its beauty, then have your pre-surgery consultation the next afternoon.  Your procedure will be the following morning.  Before and after your surgery, you will enjoy the beach, wonderful weather, and some of the best tours and sightseeing anywhere.

After returning home, the initial swelling and bruising will disappear in about two weeks, and the final results will be seen 1 or 2 months later.

Picture of a couple on a Cancun beach

Enjoying the beaches of Cancun – Cancun Plastic surgery

There are many beautiful hotels and some of the best beaches in the world in Cancun.  It is close to home and the perfect place to have surgery, rest, and enjoy the ambience of this amazing area during recovery.

PIcture of a Cancun hotel

A luxury Cancun hotel

For really low arm lift prices in Cancun, go here:  Cancun MEDVentures and the Medical Group of Cancun.

Picture of Hospiten hospital in Cancun, Mexico

State-of-the-art Hospital in Cancun, Mexico

Top Hospitals – Cancun, Mexico

For Medical Tourism, the hospitals in Cancun offer the very best in medical services.  Your surgery will be performed at an accredited hospital with complete facilities for plastic surgery and other surgeries.

The Medical Tourism Guy – The Best Arm Lift Prices in Cancun!


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