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Large modern complex of the Cima Hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Want to raise and reshape sagging breasts? Then, a breast lift is the perfect procedure for you.  And, the closest country to the U.S. with exceptional medical facilities and the lowest prices, is Costa Rica.

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Here are the best doctors, hospitals and lowest price for a Costa Rica breast lift.

A breast lift procedure(also known as Mastopexy) corrects sagging breasts due to loss of skin elasticity by using a combination of approaches including the removal of excess breast skin as well as tightening of the skin with the goal of restoring the breasts to their natural shape and size.

In addition to lifting, the breasts can also be reshaped and restored to their original fullness by combining the lift with a breast enlargement.

Gummy Bear silicone cohesive gel breast implants are the favorite type of breast implants for breast enlargement.

Breast lift in Costa Rica

A Perfect Medical Vacation in Costa Rica – breast lift prices.

In general, a breast lift involves rearranging the breast tissue, sometimes shifting the nipple position, and increasing the breast firmness by tightening the skin.

Costa Rica uses new state-of-the-art innovations in breast lift approaches that now include “limited incision” techniques as well as new ways to preserve nipple sensation.

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A perfect breast lift procedure.  Prices in Costa Rica

Candidates for breast lifts are post weight-loss patients as well as those women whose age and gravity have combined to create sagging breasts. The result of a breast lift is to have properly sized and perkier breasts, as well as to correct any symmetry problems.

Following the lift, a support bra is worn and many times the doctor will prescribe soothing massages to help with healing.

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Enjoying the beaches of Costa Rica – Where to Stay!

A breast lift procedure can take two to three hours depending on your physical characteristics. There may be some degree of discomfort following surgery, but fortunately very little pain.

Swelling occurs but usually begins to subside by the third or fourth day. A degree of swelling may continue for longer periods, but eventually diminishes. A well-fitted bra is worn day and night for approximately three weeks.

Costa Rica is an especially good choice for a breast lift because of the exceptional skill of the surgeons in this area, and because their prices are up to 75% less than the U.S.

Enjoying Costa Rica Medical Tourism.

Amazing breast lifts in Costa Rica – Prices

Your visit to Costa Rica will be 5 days, and either before or after your surgery you may enjoy some of the best tours and sightseeing in the world.

For an idea of tours with videos, go to the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn website.

Beautiful Jr. Suite at the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn, San José, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Medical Center Inn, San José, Costa Rica – Rates

Costa Rica is a fantastic country with lots to see and do.  And, their plastic surgeons are second to none.

For really low prices in Costa Rica and more information on breast lifts, get prices from the top medical group, the Medical Group of Costa Rica.

Large modern complex of the Cima Hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Cima Hospital – in San José, Costa Rica

Cima Hospital – San José, Costa Rica

For Medical Tourism, Cima Hospital in San José, Costa Rica offers the very best in medical services.  It is a JCI-accredited hospital with complete facilities for plastic surgery and other surgeries.

The Medical Tourism Guy – All about Breast Lifts in Costa Rica!


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