Costa Rica – The Lowest Prices for Dental Work

Large modern complex of the Cima Hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Cima Hospital – San José, Costa Rica

For Medical Tourism, Cima Hospital in San José, Costa Rica offers the very best in medical services.  It is a JCI-accredited hospital with complete facilities for plastic surgery and other surgeries.

Dental tourism couple visiting Costa Rica for dental work.

Dental procedures available in Costa Rica – Prices

The Medical Tourism Guy – Costa Rica – The Best Dentists and Lowest Prices!

Costa Rica is a main destination for dental tourism because of the low prices, world class dentists and state-of-the-art dental facilities.

Downtown view of the capital city of Costa Rica, San José

Beautiful San José, the capital city of Costa Rica – Dental Prices

The capital city of San José, Costa Rica is perfect for dental vacations, sightseeing, shopping and visiting cultural locations before returning home.

Here are the top dental procedures:

Costa Rica, the Dental Tourism of the world.


Illustration of an All-on-Four dental implant procedure in Costa Rica.

All-on-Four – Costa Rica Price


Illustration of a dental bridge procedure in Costa Rica.

Bridges – Costa Rica Price


Illustration of a CEREC dental crown procedure in Costa Rica.

Crowns – Costa Rica Price

Dental implants

Illustration of a dental implant procedure in Costa Rica.

Dental implants– Costa Rica Price

Dental implant crowns for implants

Illustration of how a dental implant crown is placed on a dental implant.

Dental implant crowns for implants– Costa Rica Price


Smiling woman showing perfect teeth and happiness with her Costa Rica dentures.

Dentures – Costa Rica Price


Illustration of a dental veneers procedure in Costa Rica.

Veneers – Costa Rica Price

Hollywood Caps

Smiling woman showing her Hollywood caps dental procedure she had in Costa Rica.

Hollywood Caps – Costa Rica Price

Costa Rica is the closest country to the U.S. for the very best in dental tourism.  The dental centers are state-of-the-art and feature the highest degree of advanced technology.

Map of Costa Rica.

Map of Costa Rica – About Costa Rica.

You will thoroughly enjoy your visit to Costa Rica. It is a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches, majestic volcanoes, lush mountains, and there is much to do and see.

During your stay, the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn will arrange San José city tours, visits to nature parks and volcanoes, and all day adventures to coffee farms, butterfly gardens and much more.

Why not treat yourself to a mini-vacation while having your dental procedures? Many people do!  For an idea of what is available, please go here

Beautiful Costa Rica beach

Enjoy the beaches of Costa Rica – Tours in San José

Many dental tourism patients arrive on a Sunday evening and check into the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn.

The next morning you will enjoy a leisurely 1/2 day city tour of San José or make a short sightseeing visit to the Poás Volcano National Park to see the world-famous Poás Volcano.  You can actually walk to the top and look down into the crater.

Picture of a smiling Costa Rica dentist.

Your dental consultation will be later in the afternoon and your procedures will be the next morning.  Many procedures take just one day.  To be sure, please write here for an itinerary.

Picture of a state-of-the-art Costa Rica dental treatment center.

Modern dental treatment center – San José, Costa Rica

You will stay at the beautiful Costa Rica Medical Center Inn where you will have registered nurses to take good care of you during dental surgery.

The Costa Rica Medical Center Inn is a first-class luxury Inn with a pool, restaurant and bar.  Tour buses pick up at their door.  You will be close to everything and very comfortable there.

Picture showing dental tourists in Costa Rica, the main destination for dental tourism.

Costa Rica – best destination for dental work– Prices

Dental implant surgery is done in 1 day.  Crowns are also made in 1 day.  Veneers are ready in 3 days.  Bridges and dentures are ready and fitted in 5 days.

Picture of a dental team showing state-of-the-art dental equipment in Costa Rica.

The Costa Rica Medical Center Inn will take care of everything, including arranging transportation, coordinating appointments and providing medical care.  Just leave everything to them.

For availability and general information on accommodations, go here.

For an idea of tours with videos, go to the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn website.

Here are their rates

Picture of a Scarlet Macaw in one of Costa Rica’s beautiful National Parks.

A Perfect Dental Vacation in Costa Rica – Sightseeing

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Bob Tate, the Medical Tourism Guy

Bob Tate, the Medical Tourism Guy


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